Ages 5 to 19

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The College For Medicine & Dentistry (Ages 16+)


by Cherry Hill Tuition

Fees (£)

Cost for Schooling

College Fees (£)

                                       2 YEAR "A LEVEL" PROGRAM


per academic year.

(Total £37,000 for 2 years)

 (Subjects include: Chemistry, Biology, Maths + 1 other AS)

                                          ENTRANCE EXAM FEE

All applications to all courses at The College require an extrance exam. Full references will be sort at the time the entrance exam is taken. Interviews normally take place with those pupils that are not known to us. The Entrance Exam Fee is non-refundable.

                             INTENSIVE 1 YEAR "A LEVEL" PROGRAM


 as requirements are tailored to specific needs.

(For those looking to retake or complete their A Levels in one year.)

                           INTENSIVE 1 YEAR "GCSE" PROGRAM


for a full set of subjects (retakes and otherwise).

Fees are lower if fewer subjects are required. 

Please call to discuss your needs further.